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The Bass Fishing Matrix
Catch 5 Times More Bass, Guaranteed!

Bass fishing photo in the timber The Bass Fishing Matrix offers a scientific, methodical, organized approach to catching largemouth bass. Have you ever experienced doubt and uncertainty about the spot where you are bass fishing? Do you ever wonder if you have the right lure on your line? If you want to know where the bass are and know what lure to use to catch them, then The Bass Fishing Matrix may be the single best purchase you will ever make. The system we have developed takes the guesswork out of it. It allows you to catch more bass, and bigger bass, consistently. Whether you are a tournament angler trying to win your next tournament, or you only fish occasionally, you will benefit greatly from this tested, proven system. We all pick up useful information from other bass anglers, books, magazines, videos, and fishing shows. But how do you put it all together? How do you apply what you have learned when you fish? How do you know which lure to tie on? How do you know where the bass are located in the lake or pond you are fishing?

Bass Fishing Matrix

Barometric Pressure (Weather), Cover, Depth Variance, Water Clarity, Water Temperature, Forage, and Sunlight Intensity Level are the seven key variables in determining where bass are located and which lure will be most effective at any given time in a particular body of water.

Simply determining each of these variables allows any bass angler using The Bass Fishing Matrix to find and catch bass! We have spent hundreds of hours researching each of these variables, then studying and documenting the impact they have on the behavior patterns of largemouth bass. Using the results of this research has enabled us to develop a systematic method for catching bass. A system for quickly and easily locating bass, and determining the most effective lure, based on the current fishing conditions. The results are astounding: Our product enables you to catch bass in any conditions, every time you fish. It is the most effective, easy to use approach to bass fishing ever developed.
A Solution To The Problem

Bass are predictable creatures. They do the same thing in the same situation, time after time. The problem is determining what that situation is, and knowing how to respond. This system provides a method of determining how bass react to their environment. A method of determining where they are and what lure they will respond to. It will allow you to spend less time experimenting and more time catching bass! Why is it you can fish the same spot, the same way, using the same lure and not even get a strike, when you caught several bass there the week before, or even the day before?
The Bass Fishing Matrix: Learn more.

Have you ever bought the hottest new lure on the market, only to be disappointed after using it? Chances are its a great lure. But like any lure, it only works in specific conditions. Were not trying to sell you another lure. Were offering you a tool that allows you to effectively utilize every lure in your tackle box. This is a logical, rational, methodical way to catch bass, even in the toughest conditions imaginable.

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